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Keep that mystique up
And wear a ‘D’ cup, no matter what

My most-played Sparks song of all time.

(via fyeah-sparks)

Denise LaSalle - ‘Come to Ha Ya Dance (We Came to Earth to Dance)’

This song is making me weep with joy right now.  It is about Denise LaSalle hanging out a disco, being her disco queen self, and suddenly these aliens show up at the club.  She proceeds to flirt with them and instruct them on how earthlings dance.  They sing in vocoders!  Basically, this is the other side of the story told in Ganymed’s ‘Movin’ On a Disco Planet’ which concerns a group of aliens who are hovering above earth, intrigued by all of this disco business.  It is also the gender reversal of Charlie’s Italo classic ‘Spacer Woman.’  In both cases, it is about benevolent love aliens.